Monday, August 6, 2007

First ActiveHibernate code on Google Code

Because it's all talk until the code runs, I have finally imported my code into a Google Code project ( There is no formal release yet, so you'll have to use a Subversion client to get it (or just browse the repository online). There's a readme file that explains how to get the tests running.

All feedback is more than welcome, as I'm new to (J)Ruby. I'm also very interested in ideas for a Ruby-like interface to Hibernate. The first thing that should be done is replacing the hbm.xml mapping files by a kind of annotations or a DSL (inspired by Rails or GORM, the OR/M in Grails).


Charles Oliver Nutter said...

Woah, you've got code up? I'm on it!

sundog said...

Fantastic news. I agree with the idea of replacing the hbm.xml files with activerecord-like methods. I definitely think you could model these methods after Hibernate's/JPA's annotations for completeness while making the learning curve for people who understand that model easier. I really look forward to checking out your code.

Leimomi said...

People should read this.